It’s been no secret that the BBC has been working on a documentary with BTS, as you can read here. But now. it’s finally been released! Featuring the BBC Radio 1 presenter, Adele Roberts, who has featured the boy-band in her early morning radio show.

The BBC documentary discusses the rise of Korean music, fashion and the politics and fans that make up the scene. BTS are featured in the show which runs for 28 minutes, and the BBC has clearly made the group the focus of the documentary as they are featured in the thumbnail as well!

You can watch the programe on the BBC iPlayer website until 18th January 2019 here. Alternatively, you can watch the embedded youtube video below:

The BBC also released an exclusive interview with the K-Pop superstars on the same day as the documentary. They talk about awards, ambitions, and the loyal fanbase, ARMY. The group also expressed their interest in visiting the UK too! The interview has a relaxed atmosphere, and BTS seem very calm when talking to Adele Roberts.

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The BBC’s service for children, CBBC, has also featured the South Korean group in their own documentary which features presenter Ed Petrie travel around Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Vietnam, and South Korea. In the show, you see You can watch the 29 minute long CBBC Documentary on the iPlayer website here.

The seven–piece are clearly making an impact in British media, so surely it isn’t long until they bring a concert to British shores. What do you think about the group’s recent media coverage?




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