Another week in January has passed and there is a fresh batch of Korean music releases to help banish your winter blues!

Here is a small selection of the newest tracks that were debuted this week.

Bizzy – ‘Ooh Ah’  (Feat. BIBI)
Released: 16/01/2018

This track oozes cool, with its mixture of jazzy brass and electronic beats. Rapper Bizzy teams up with singer BIBI in this super chilled song. Bizzy’s flow and BIBI’s vocals complement each other really well. You will likely be into this track if you are a fan of R’n’B and more relaxed music.

Jay Park – ‘RUN IT’ (Feat. Woo Won Jae & Jessi)
Released: 16/01/2018

Rapper Jay Park has returned, along with Woo Won Jae and Jessi and the pumped up track ‘RUN IT’. This song is what you have come to expect from AOMG – high quality, heavy-hitting rap that means business. It would make a great addition to a gym playlist or as a morning get-up-and-go track as it really helps to get you motivated and ready to face whatever life has in store.

JBJ – ‘My Flower’
Released: 17/01/2018

Rookie boyband JBJ serve us up some fresh and upbeat feeling with ‘My Flower’. The bright, popping colours of the MV pair up perfectly with the soft EDM backing track. The changing flows of this song manage to keep things interesting, setting it apart from much of what K-Pop boybands usually have to offer. These guys are also cute, but retain a bit of edge to their style, which can only do them favours! You will probably enjoy this track if you are a fan of KARD.

SUNMI – ‘Heroine’
Released: 18/01/2018

Sunmi is still showing that she has what it takes with the monumental track ‘Heroine’ is it a real belter with an identifiable message. This song is about perservering in a relationship when someone doesn’t treat you well (which you definitely SHOULD NOT do, by the way). However, the chorus line: ‘The show must go on’ speaks to all of us that have been through hard times and yet, persevered through it all. It is a track that can bolster anyone’s spirits and illustrates Sunmi’s feisty persona perfectly.

TheEastLight – ‘Real Man’
Released: 18/01/2018

TheEastLight have some very young members (with the eldest born in 2000!), but they certainly have the talent. This is another jazzy tune that will get fans bopping along. For some, the sound of this track may be a bit too much to get along with, but it does show the great potential of the group and their future.

JIMIN (AOA) – ‘Hey’
Released: 19/01/2018

AOA’s Jimin has returned once more as a soloist and apparently, with a whole new image! She stands well alone in this track that is covered with attitude and style. She has a very distinguished voice that may not be to everyone’s taste, but there is no denying she brings some of her best to the table with ‘Hey’. If you are a fan on HyunA, AOA’s Jimin might also be up your street.


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