For anyone currently at university, such as myself, it is currently exam season. “How can I avoid all forms of revision, coursework and social interaction?” you may be asking. Well, look no further. The drama Circle is your new preferred choice of procrastination. For those of you not in education, this 2017 twelve episode sci-fi series is also worth your time.

It’s the year 2037 and an alien has come to planet Earth. It believes that human emotions should be controlled or else they will have no future. The alien slowly becomes involved with humans. There’s a somewhat open ending which offers the scope for  a second season; an opportunity that I have immense hope that they will take.

This drama series is incredibly well thought out, with the high quality cast such as Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim Kang-Woo offering stellar performances. The sci-fi genre causes this drama to stand in its own light, away from romances and action plots. Sure, aliens sound like a gimmicky sci-fi trope, but the realistic style of the drama allows the plot to work well. It’s slick, believable and causes enough of a stir to get the viewer to leave wanting more.

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The sub-plot featuring missing twins and a detective offer a mystery spin to the mix, and really serve to justify the series as a vibrant, stand-alone piece of work. Aired on a cable channel or pay TV network, it has not got a major following, but it is one to watch, and would not look out of place on the big screen. Here’s to hoping that the 2017 drama production is offered a further push with a second series, or possibly as a film production. What do you think? Watch the original trailer below!:

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