It’s just little over two weeks until Jay Park will be on British soil and will be performing with his fellow artists Sik-K, Hoody and DJ Wegun for a sold-out show London! For this week’s SOTW, we’ll be looking at the soloist’s newest track ‘Run It‘!

This special collaboration with Nike Korea features a track composed by inhouse AOMG producer Gray and Jay Park has teamed up with rappers Jessi and Woo Won Jae for the one of the biggest sportswear companies in the world. It further promotes Nike’s well known campaign and catchphrase ‘Just Do It’ in the form of this fierce, no sh*t taking song.

There’s no playing around, it’s all or nothing. There’s definitely a sense that the song pushes the idea that ‘you have to be in it to win it’ with this kind of concept. We can see this being a good motivational workout song, with the general message focusing on encouraging people to always stand back up again despite how many times they fall down, to never give up even in the face of adversity.

The initial eye-catching part that made our day watching this M/V was the child dancing near the start, no doubt using Jay Park as an inspirational role-model that sparked off the dream that he wanted to be a dancer. It further fuels the idea that there’s always going to be that one person or in other cases, several people, who remain to be the guiding light for people who search for their dream jobs. It also shows the journey that people take, not everyone starts off being great at a hobby (including all the guest appearances from all the athletes, models, and dancers, and even the members of Korea’s national ice hockey team), it often takes years of intense practice, determination and most importantly, the willpower to continue and fight on even when everything seems to be against you. To believe in yourself that you can do it.


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