Have you ever shuffled through your K-Pop playlists and landed on the song that made you feel like a video game fight was about to happen? Something along the lines of the last level of Super Mario Bros. or battling the champion in Pokémon? Here’s 10 K-Pop songs that sound like video game battle music!

Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense

Immediately you’re thrown into the deep end with powerful and aggressive tones emitted by the instrumental and Brown Eyed Girls’ impressive vocals. This song, with its fierce beat and work of using strings is sure to bring about a final boss for sure!

Junsu/Xia – Tarantallegra

Junsu delivers an amazing performance with Tarantellegra; a song whose name is based from a spell from the Harry Potter franchise. Combined with intense rapping from Flowsik, the magical and dynamic track is sure to spellbound you to give the power you’ll need to strike your virtual foe!


Trap sounds combined with the muffled speech at the beginning will immediately draw you in. The instrumental then continues to heighten with suspense as an adrenaline rush is given before the beat drops! Better not have a “MTBD” when fighting!

F(x) – Red Light

This electronic bop is sure to alert you of incoming danger! Red Light also marks the last time we would hear Sulli in a title track by f(x). The song is very orientated toward electro-house and very suggestive of their older output such as “Electric Shock” and “Hot Summer.”

BTS – Not Today

Sounding like some sort of sequel to “Fire” or even a prequel to “Mic Drop”, BTS’ more upbeat song for their “You Never Walk Alone” album repackage is sure to pack a punch in for any enemies that you would have to deal with to get to the next level!

EXO – Monster

A world of darkness chases up to the iconic EXO as they stand up against an unknown enemy within their midst; a concept that is heavily depicted in the accompanying music video. EXO are heavily going through a rebel phase for this promoted track’s concept to get the theme of insurgence across.

NU’EST – Action

The intro to “Action” kicks off with horns and strings you’d hear in an action film before all too suddenly swinging into dubstep. Like EXO’s Monster, the song’s lyrics detail about motivating one’s inner self for rebellion.

Shinhwa – This Love

Not all boss battle music has dark and serious tone. This Love has a strong feeling for success attached to it. The piano pre-chorus is sure to catch attention as it builds up to the progressive house chorus.

Dreamcatcher – Chase Me

Many music scores to the final levels of RPGs consist of dynamic rock riffs. This is present with Dreamcatcher’s “Chase Me.” Sounding frantic and haunting at times, “Chase Me” works wonders in making it seem the fate of the (in-game) world is in your hands!

Loona: Odd Eye Circle – Girl Front

The 8-bit-like backing track provides an extra feel-good feeling that is sure to help you progress further in the completion of your game! The fast and upbeat vibes given off is another factor as well.

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