It’s Valentine’s Day. A time of love and romance; confessions and matrimony. However, it isn’t for everyone and K-Pop is no exception. For this week’s Music Video Breakdown, we’re doing a little throwback to a twisted tale of love with “Blossom Tears”, a special Y.Bird duet single between VIXX’s main vocal Leo and R’n’B star Lyn.

Looking at the overall package, this duet in particular is hard hitting among the song roster of 2014. The combination of Leo’s signature voice and Lyn’s soulful ad-libs perfectly accompanies the video’s story of love and how it affects both our minds and our relationships as a whole. Why do we describe the video like this? This is due to the demons lurking within and how love is viewed between both Leo and his leading lady.

Since it’s release in 2014, there has been theories from every corner of the fandom but it is VIXX after all. Even if only one member representing, you can tell the concept will be cleverly twisted to horror’s design. In comparison to some of VIXX’s own music videos, it can be a little tame with romantic elements from the likes of “Error” & “Beautiful Liar” to the masterful gore of “Voodoo Doll” which the group has been known for. Now, these elements come to a head in the music video’s climax so in order to see the full outcome, we need the events leading up in order to understand. In this breakdown, we’re going to look into the general breakdown including one particular fan’s analysis to see both sides of this video’s story and unveil the dark shadows hidden within romance.

Let’s start with the general story-line; Leo stars in the video himself as what appears to be a tailor or a fashion designer, living with his partner in a studio apartment. He appears to be designing a dress especially for her but as he is working on the project, she opts into some playful fighting. Leo tries to play along but after experiencing a sudden mental episode, he literally pushes her away. We can only see the images in his head flash momentarily, but already we can note that Leo may be struggling with more than just the stress of the job. Despite the physical conflict, the girlfriend does try to stay strong and is in fact so long in her own love for him that the alarm bells don’t seem to matter.

Even when Leo is secretive of his projects, possible medication and even signs of affection; she tries to stay strong and show that he can actually be in love like her. However, that doesn’t stop Leo. His paranoia continues as he tries to hide his past – which lies in an old dress boxed away. We briefly see that this dress was a similar project for a past love, one which he was open with and happy. Everything appears to be fine for him, until we witness a flashback. The apartment is messy and the girl who could have been his true love; gone. The break-up doesn’t just break his heart, it messes up his psyche. He becomes withdrawn as if he is scared but in certain situations, the stronger side of him takes control. No matter how hard he tries to push her away, the stronger mindset comes into play as he fears that he will ultimately lose her altogether. It is her love and care for Leo that becomes her demise as his paranoia leads him to kill her to prevent her from leaving. The medication and what appears to be cold water preserves her as he places her heart on display and keeps her body as a pale human mannequin, finally dressed in the gift he made for eternity.

As we noted before, this article is a throwback, so many theories have been done that play on Leo’s double sided personality in the video. In the more lighter scenes, he appears to be timid and unable to make contact. In some instance, he is scared that his girlfriend will see the darker side of him. He is unable to love someone who can act so freely but in her life-less state, he is more affectionate than usual because he knows she will be with him always. There is no fear that she will walk away, just like his first. It’s less of a possessive side but more a defensive mechanism. Leo feels the need to hold back but when that doesn’t work, he goes to more desperate measures.

The reason we briefly touch on this is due to the few theories that Leo may be more than just a lost soul. One fan by the name of Reiyezerwyre dissected the video from start to finish with the French folk tale of Bluebeard in mind. Using the references of the many other mannequins, they refer to the living girlfriend to be an unsuspecting victim locked in Leo’s trap. Bluebeard is written as a nobleman who murders his own wives and in this theory, the mannequins act as Leo’s trophies; a symbol of every love and life he took away with his own twisted side. There is much more to read in this theory and when you read over Reiyezerwyre’s article, you can see that there may be more to this video than meets the eye. However, that is the point. The audience would be so focused on the initial torn love story that the ending scenes would make all the more impact. Breaking apart every element, it is interesting to see what could be the “warning signs” for both the girl and for Leo himself, who appears to struggle with his own emotions.

Overall, it is an intriguing look into a love story which is different to the general Valentine’s style often seen in music videos. It does have similar elements in its love-struck yet dramatic manner, but in a style best known for Leo’s group, it brings a whole new meaning to how we act in love; if we try to be open or if we hide away to protect ourselves. Alongside the beautiful soundtrack provided by the song, it is a charming and much needed ballad to celebrate this loved up holiday.

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