UK news outlet Metro have interviewed MONSTA X on their website!

MONSTA X are doing very well for themselves. Even though they were part of the recent KpopKnight concert, which ended up being quite the shambles for many reasons, they still managed to impress UK fans with a great performance.

In this article, writer Taylor Glasby, who has written about K-Pop extensively in her career, mentions how they have changed and matured over time:

“The progression is evident on their recent EP, The Code, with seven diverse tracks that traverse funk to trop-house to ballad. It propelled Monsta X on to receive a first-ever win on one of Korea’s weekly chart music TV shows, while in January they took home gongs from the country’s prestigious Golden Disc Awards and Seoul Music Awards, which Wonho said, ‘feels great, because it’s like a stepping stone for what we want to achieve in 2018.’”

In the interview itself, the group were asked about this exactly, as well as their past hardships and what sort of things they have planned for the future.

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Read the full article here.

Hopefully the group will be able to visit Europe again soon, but for their own tour this time!

[Source: Metro UK Website].



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