Kpop’s resident queen BoA is back this month with the hip-hop inspired Nega Dola.

BoA (real name Kwon Bo-ah) was scouted by SM at the age of 11 after tagging along to her older brother’s audition. She was the youngest solo female artist to debut in Korea at just 13, in the year 2000. SM planned to make her an international superstar, investing in her Japanese and English study as well as her dance and vocal training.

The Japanese study paid off. Among her achievements of the past 18 years are: the first Korean to score 1st place on the Oricon charts (in Japan), the first Korean artist to sell a million records in Japan, and representing both Japan and Korea at the MTV Asia Music Awards. She’s also released English-only tracks for the American market, like Eat You Up.

BoA held her first solo Korean concert ‘Here I am’ in 2013, and most recently was seen presenting the show that made Wanna One, Produce 101 Season 2. She’s also had a stab at acting, in the drama Expect to Date, as well as a (flop) US movie called Make Your Move. Not to worry – her smooth vocals and solid choreo have earned her huge respect in the Korean and Japanese music industries, and she even holds shares in SM Entertainment.

With a wealth of choreo practice under her belt, it’s no surprise BoA is skilled at being able to pick up choreography quickly – watch her mimic two dances within a moment of watching them on a recent Weekly Idol.

Some of her most popular hits to date
Only One (2012)

Disturbance (2013) – feat Taemin from SHINee

Kiss My Lips (2015)

Sweet Impact (2007) – her MV tip to Michael Jackson

Bonus: Make Your Move trailer


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