Known for their successful careers, both group and solo, and passionate fanbase of VIPs, BIGBANG have constantly amazed the masses with a terrific discography since their debut in 2006. While storming the charts in their native country with hits from “Haru Haru” to “Fxxk It”, the five member sensation have also released a decent set of albums and EPs internationally, in languages such as Japanese and English. Unfortunately, quite a few of these releases have only been made available in Asia, and digital versions only accessible to be bought on the Japanese version of iTunes. Here’s just ten of these hidden tracks:

Number 1

“Boy, I love your style, love your smile
Wish that you could be Only mine, be only mine (fo’sho).”

Gara Gara Go!! (English trans: Gotta Gotta Go!!)

“Feel the beat pump through the speakers,
Man the myth the hope of the future.”

We Belong Together (feat. Bom Park) [English Version]

“And I can’t wait for you to hold me gently in your arms (I’m so happy)
Caress my body baby, as we both become one (I love you).”


“Everyday as I wake I’m whole
You got me feelin’ so fresh and good to go.”

Come Be My Lady (It’s All About The Gs)

“[Come be my lady] I can show you what you’ve always dreamed
[Don’t be so shady] you can live a life of luxury.”

Koe Wo Kikasete (English trans: Let Me Hear Your Voice)

“Sunlight, moonlight you lit my life realize in the night
Why love shines bright.”

Beautiful Hangover

“You got what I need
Got me jumpin’, jumpin’ off my feet.”

Lies (English Version)

“I’m so sorry, girl I love you, I just can’t lie
Oh, I was so wrong, I can’t live without you, just listen to me!”

What Can I Do (Seungri Solo) [Japanese Version]

“So please don’t let go.
I dedicated everything to you.”

Wedding Dress (Taeyang Solo) [English Version]

“Baby listen to your heart won’t let you down
‘Cuz you should be my lady.”

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