It’s a new year meaning that a number of Korean dramas have been aired. However as February begins to draw to end, what have been the top highlighted OSTS to listen to? Let’s find out the Top 10 below! Who knows if you’ll end up finding a new favourite song, a new downloaded track or more!

Eddy Kim – When The Night Falls (While You Were Sleeping OST)

The OST which is best recognised as a track from the popular drama, While You Were Sleeping. Starring the likes of Lee Jongsuk, Bae Suzy (former Miss A member) and Jung Haein, the concept of the drama describes a woman who is able to foretell the future through her dreams. The track itself is an emotional and heart-felt ballad sung by the one and only, Eddy Kim. Befitting to the idea of dreams, the track provides a dreamy and nostalgic feeling, which can be described as somewhat addicting. Do you feel the goosebumps?

Stella Jang – Know Me (I’m Not A Robot OST)

If you’re looking for a chill OST to jam to, then this one may be the one for you! The OST which derives from the 2017-2018 drama, I’m Not A Robot is a relaxing yet uplifting song. The romantic track is befitting to the this cute, romance drama. If you haven’t already seen the drama, and are looking for some cute chemistry this drama is worth a shot! The drama as the name states, focuses on a girl who pretends to be a robot for the sake of the male protagonist who is said to be allergic to humans. They go through a whirlwind of a rollercoaster together, but expect some fluttering moments along with some hilarious ones.

Ben – Can’t Go (Because This Is My First Life OST)

This acoustic ballad is heart-warming is one which is rather soothing to listen to. The track originates from the drama, Because This Is My First Life, which is another romance drama – Seems like the romance dramas are bringing out the best OSTS at the moment! The drama which focuses on a pair, one who is rather logical and particular about his guests, whilst the female protagonist is yet to experience love of any sorts. The pair may be seen as a rather peculiar match at first, but who knows where life takes them in this drama – You’ll have to watch it yourself to see what happens to this mismatched pairing!

NCT U – Radio Romance (Radio Romance OST)

The currently airing drama ‘Radio Romance’ brings a sweet romance between a top star who becomes a DJ along with radio scriptwriter. Featuring HIGHLIGHT’s Doojoon and Kim So Hyun, the brings an interesting twist with the co-stars being 10 years apart in age. Referring back to the OST, the track is sung by NCT-U, one of NCT’s many subgroups, whom debuted in 2016. The track can be described as a harmonious vocal piece showcasing the sweet vocals of the NCT U members, Doyoung and Taeil. For NCT U fans, you may think this differs from their usual style, but you can’t help but think they pulled it off well, right?

Roy Kim – Starlight (The King in Love OST)

Listening to this track, you can’t help but feel some sentimental feel! The track sang by Roy Kim for the drama, The King in Love is one which transports you to a magical world. His vocals itself already feel sensational, and with the drama itself, we have the likes of ZE:A’s Siwan, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Hong Jonghyun as the leading characters! The story talks of a girl hiding her identity, whilst encountering on her journey a Crown prince and his best friend. Little do they know that the string which connects them all together, could cause a number of complications – Watch the drama to find out more about their journey together, and what will become of their friendship!

Kim EZ – Pop Pop (Bride of the Water God OST)

Though there have been some rather questionable opinions about Bride of the Water God, the OSTS are worthy of taking a chance to listen to! For this particular OST, Kim EZ provides a light-hearted upbeat track to accompany the cute moments exhibited between Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung within the drama. It has its own unique style, and the gentle tone from Kim EZ helps create a mystical vibe which is befitting to the drama where Nam Joo Hyuk plays Habaek, the Water God.

IMFACT – Fret (My First Love/Longing Heart OST)

Unlike the other dramas, this web-drama which consists of 8 episodes provides another romance arc! The drama, Longing Heart/First Love features the likes of CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin. This cute rendition done by the K-POP male group, IMFACT, expresses the innocent feelings encountered in love. Longing Heart/First Love is about a good-looking maths teacher who cannot forget his first love for the past 10 years. However, he encounters an accidental situation where he is transported back to the past when he was a high school student.  He meets his younger self, and struggles to make his first love become a reality.

JUNHO (2PM) – True Love (Between the Lovers OST)

The drama, Between The Lovers which began airing at the end of 2017, and recently finished airing at the end of January 2018, includes the likes of 2PM’s Junho. Additionally, he also participated in creating an OST for the drama, as featured above ‘True Love’. Junho provides his very own gentle rendition of a heart-warming ballad to accompany the hardships displayed. The drama focuses on the concept of how love, hope and dreams bring warmth to a person’s life despite the unfortunate happenings in their past.

Kei (Lovelyz) – Star and Sun (Ruler: Master of the Mask OST)

Another ballad for another historical drama! This empowering ballad sang none other by Lovelyz’s Kei conveys the necessity of romance, and the effects of being without your other half. Despite this drama focusing on the Crown Prince, Lee Sun’s journey to fight against the Pyungsoo hwe, whilst becoming a figure of hope. He encounters the love of his life who aids to help him in his journey to become a successful ruler. Watching the video itself, you can determine the reality of his numerous romance arcs, showcasing this sorrowful piece.

Sunghoon x Song Ji Eun (Secret) – Same (My Secret Romance OST)

Finally, to lighten up the mood after all the ballads, this piece is a duet featuring the main actors of the drama. Sunghoon and Song Ji Eun play the main protagonists of the Korean drama, My Secret Romance. Their undeniable chemistry is prominent within the drama along with this vocal rendition. Sunghoon who acts as a charming figure in the drama showcases his subtle vocals in this duet piece, along with Song Ji Eun’s prominent vocal skills as a K-POP star from the girl group, Secret. The harmonisation between their voices, mold together to produce a sweet melody.


Jeong Eunji (Apink) – Your Garden (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST)

Despite how hilarious this drama is with it’s comical plotlines, and cute romantic scenes, this OST says otherwise. The soothing ballad reminisces the love showcased through the drama. The extent of the protagonists have to go through for love is best demonstrated through this song. You can’t help but fall in love for all the characters in this drama. Featuring the likes of Park Hyungsik (ZE:A), Park Boyoung and Jisoo! If you haven’t already watched the 2017 drama and are looking for a rom-com to make you squeal from cuteness or make you laugh and cringe endlessly, then here’s the one for you!


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