BLACKPINK are finally due to make a comeback during the month of May, as confirmed by YG Entertainment in a recent post on Instagram. But, why has it taken so long for rookie group this popular to release their debut album only now?

Debuting on August 8th 2016, BLACKPINK released two songs with accompanying music videos. It was then planned that they would release another two songs soon after in the build up to their first release, be it that of an EP or full length album. Despite this, four songs were only released in their debut year. Their “Square Three” release, up until now, has never been able to see the light of day.

Forward a year later to 2017, and yet again there was little to suggest BLACKPINK was dropping any kind of stable release again. We did get “As If It’s Your Last” as the glittery summer bop we had eagerly thirsted over in the ongoing BLACKPINK drought, which had become a top 50 hit in Portgual and Canada and showcasing their international power. But then it all went quiet, aside from a few performances and the release of their first Japanese mini album – which was just Japanese versions of their previously released Korean material.

It could be considered weird for a group who have been around for almost two years already to not put out a full album or a consistent schedule of EPs, like for example, Twice, who have done so since debuting in 2015.

Being dubbed the “next” 2NE1, BLACKPINK have not done much to claim that prestigious comparison of their musical ancestors. By this point in their career, 2NE1 had already debuted with a critically acclaimed EP, a full length album, alongside a few CF songs such as “Follow Me” and “Don’t Stop The Music”. And BLACKPINK? Five songs and a remixed cover of the Wonder Girls that was briefly available to download on Soundcloud for a grand total of a few minutes.

So why have we waited for so long? The answer is to first look at how other YG artists are being treated. Taking into account CL’s subtle attack at the entertainment company back in January and Lee Hi’s constant begs for the release of her material. Let us not also forget the struggle that 2NE1 had back in 2016 for one last album which was mysteriously and abruptly cancelled. Meanwhile, male acts like iKON, BIGBANG and WINNER are collecting their coins through and through via new releases in their native country and Japan. Why are the male artists of YG more prone to release new material than the female acts?

Going from that, there had also pressure on Teddy Park to produce new music for a supposed BLACKPINK comeback at the start of the year. Why is it, though it seems, that Teddy Park is the only one who is producing music for the group? And then arrives “BLACKPINK House”, a reality TV show documenting the lives of the members on a one-hundred day vacation. One hundred days where the studio was busy?

What ever has happened, BLACKPINK are coming back, which is something Blinks, like myself, can look forward to.


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