Our star for this week is none other than Woo Won Jae! Woo Won Jae who gained recognition from his participation in SMTM6, joined AOMG as of October 31st, 2017! With his appearance in SMTM6, he placed as 2nd runner-up! And for those who will be going to the AOMG concert this July, will have the opportunity to see him live alongside AOMG stars’ Gray and Loco!

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Woo Won Jae, currently 21 (international age) was born on the 23rd of December, 1996. Other than his name Woo Won Jae, he has also been known as the alias, Munch. Though he has only been active as of 2017, he has participated in a number of collaborations of SMTM performances, to releasing his very own tracks.

So where did it all begin? As of 2017, he competed in Show Me The Money season 6, where he was under the producer team ‘Team Feel GHood’ otherwise known as ‘Suicide Squad’. For those of you who don’t know, Team Feel GHood is made up by Tiger JK and Bizzy. Check out his first live performance in episode 1 under Team Tiger JK and Bizzy!

However, one of the most loved tracks from Woo Won Jae from SMTM6, has to be ‘Again’. The track features the likes of MRSHLL, Tiger JK and Bizzy! Whilst the track is emotional and provides some philosophical lyrics it was widely loved by Koreans watching the show as well as fans worldwide. The lyrics showcase feelings from the heart, which can be heard from their voices within the performance below. The audio of the track was released on CJENMMusic where it has accumulated over 2.7 million views. This made it the most popular Woo Won Jae SMTM6 track so far! You can check out the official audio here.

But what has Woo Won Jae achieved since his SMTM6 days? Well, Woo Won Jae took the opportunity to release a track with 2 of his fellow labelmates, Gray and Loco! The track ‘We Are’ has already accumulated over 14 million views, topping Korean charts. Also with the song, he has won a number of awards, from the ‘Hip Hop Track of the Year’ at the Korean HipHop Awards, to ‘New Artist of the Year (Song)’ at the 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards. Last but not least, he won the ‘Best Rap and Hip Hop Song’ with the track at the 15th Korean Music Awards. The awards were given to him as of 2018.

Woo Won Jae has also had the opportunity to create a track for a Korean drama. Do any of you know about the Korean drama, Prison Playbook? The track ‘Nostalgia’ was featured on Prison Playbook OST 6. The track provides complicated rhythms, but you can’t help but question the depth of the lyrics.

In November 2017, Woo Won Jae released his first double single called ‘Anxiety’ which featured two songs. The two songs include ‘Loop’ and ‘Paranoid’.

Last but not least, we can’t forget Woo Won Jae’s collaborations in several tracks. One track includes Jay Park’s ‘Run It’ which was used for a Nike advertisement in Korea. The track also includes the likes of Jessi, who together provide a powerful hiphop/rap track. This high budget production was created in relevance to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018. The MV can be described as fast-paced with a number of hard-hitting skills showcased. The skills showcased follow the heavy beat and rap lines dropped within the track.



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