AOMG is known to be one of the biggest Korean Hip-Hop labels in Korea. With artists such as Jay Park, GRAY, Loco and more under their label, the label has been widely recognised internationally. The label was founded by the likes of Jay Park (former 2PM member). However, he was later joined by Simon Dominic, who became his co-CEO. Already the UK has been fortunate enough to have AOMG artists perform here, from Jay Park to Hoody to DJ Wegun, a number of phenomenal performances took place at Troxy in February. Sik-K was also another performer (who whilst not under AOMG is under Jay Park’s newly founded label, H1GHR Music).


The UK has also had the likes of DJ Pumkin and ELO performing for a number of fans. Let’s not forget Jay Park’s previous attendance to the UK when he first performed in Europe back in 2013! He had his first European tour where he was accompanied by VICTOR! He came to the UK the year that he released one of his sweetest renditions, otherwise known as ‘Joah‘!

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Best of all, AOMG will be returning to the UK, this time bringing the likes of DJ Pumkin (returning to the stage) along with AOMG artists, Woo Won Jae (a new addition to the AOMG label as of October 2017), GRAY (a highly recognised artist and producer for AOMG), and Loco (a talented rapper who won SMTM1)!

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But what do you think are AOMG’s top hits so far? UnitedKpop has formulated a list of top 10 AOMG hits for you! Whether you’re an avid AOMG listener or would like to learn about AOMG artists, here is your chance!

To begin with, let’s start off with one of Jay Park’s biggest hits, released in 2015! ‘Mommae’ is been known to be one of the most popular club hits, as well as Jay Park’s top hit music video on YouTube. The track which presents sensual and explicit videography keeps you on your feet. With its catchy repetitive melody, you won’t help but move along to the music. FUN FACT: The track actually has two versions, the most popular version features Ugly Duck, however, the alternative version includes the likes of Crush, Simon Dominic and Honey Cocaine. Both versions of the song were produced none other by Gray!

However, though Gray has been widely recognised for his talented producing skills, he also has a number of musical abilities. FUN FACT: Gray was actually the first artist which Jay Park signed to his label! He debuted under the label as an artist, but in later played the role as predominantly a producer for the label. For one of his most popular tracks, he collaborated with the likes of Loco, for the song ‘GOOD’. He also features ELO in the track. The song was also produced by himself which can be seen when you hear his very own producer tag ‘Gray’. FUN FACT: His producer tag, ‘Gray’, though it sounds like himself, is actually voiced by Zion.T! The track can be described as a chill track, suitable for day-to-day routines.

For the previous track, Loco was featured under Gray’s ‘Good’ but for he has released his very own popular solo tracks. Some include the likes of ‘Respect‘ (featuring Gray and DJ Pumkin) and ‘Da Da Da‘ (featuring Hoody). Though, his most popular track to date is a track released in 2014, known as ‘Thinking About You’ (featuring Jay Park). Loco has a unique rapping style, following a melodic beat. Accompanied by Jay Park’s sensational vocals, the blend of their voices creates a track which is addicting to listen to.

Moving back to Jay Park, he has released a number of top hits! One of our particular favourites is known as ‘Solo’ which features the likes of Hoody. The song is a fun upbeat track, which has accumulated over 13 million views on YouTube. The track was produced by one of AOMG’s other producers, Cha Cha Malone. You may have recognised his unique producer tag ‘I need a Cha Cha beat boy’ in a number of his productions. The video shows a very care-free outlook, showcasing Jay Park’s antics through his trip to New York, USA.

With Hoody featuring in the previous song, it wouldn’t be right not to highlight Hoody’s very own tracks. Hoody who is known as the only female artist under the AOMG label has released a number of unique tunes. Her voice has been featured on several Jay Park tracks from ‘Solo’ as well as ‘All I Wanna Do‘ and ‘Me Like Yuh (K)‘. She made a large contribution to Jay Park’s ‘Everything You Wanted’ album. However, she has also taken the chance to release her very own singles such as ‘Hangang‘ and her own mini album ‘On and On’. She largely participated in the production of her first mini album ‘On and On’ which was released in December 2016. Check out her track ‘Your Eyes’ featuring Jay Park! The track was also featured on her mini album, ‘On and On’.

We’ve already talked about Jay Park several times, but let’s not forget about AOMG’s co-CEO, Simon Dominic! Other than being the co-CEO of AOMG, he was also a former member of the group, Supreme Team. Simon D has worked alongside AOMG as an artist, but has also taken the opportunity to become a member of the producer team for SMTM5. In SMTM5, he worked alongside Gray to form the AOMG producer team. One of his most popular tracks on YouTube is named after himself, ‘Simon Dominic’. The video has accumulated over 10 million views.

Following his most popular YouTube video, Simon Dominic also collaborated with his co-CEO, Jay Park for a track. The video also includes the likes of Epik High’s Tablo, along with his daughter, Haru! But let’s not forget Gray’s personal feature in the MV too! The song is a chill hip-hop track accompanied by Jay Park’s silky vocals to add a melodic feature. The track predominately showcases Simon Dominic’s rap style.

Coming back to Jay Park. did you know that Jay Park has also released some of his tracks in English? You may have heard ‘All I Wanna Do’ in Korean or even ‘Me Like Yuh’ in Korean! But Jay Park has used his American-born background to connect with his international fans. What makes Jay Park particularly loveable is his ability to speak English as many international fans are restricted to not understanding Korean. Check out his English rendition of ‘Me Like Yuh’. With the scenes of the MV creating a sensual mood, the song is definitely an unforgettable one! We can’t get enough of ‘I need a ChaCha beat boy’, once again featured in the track. Another English track of Jay Park’s which we highly recommend is ‘Aquaman‘!

How about a collaboration with one of artists from his other label, H1GHR Music? Whilst he also collaborated with 1 Million Dance Studio, Jay Park released the track ‘Yacht (k)’ with H1GHR Music’s Sik-K! Though Sik-K isn’t a member of AOMG, has largely collaborated with Jay Park for some hit tracks. One of which being ‘Iffy‘ under the label, H1GHR Music. Once again, this R&B style track is produced none other by AOMG’s producer, Cha Cha Malone! It is an appropriate summer jam, which funnily enough was released in summer 2017!

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be right not to include their newest addition to AOMG, Woo Won Jae! The artist who joined the company after participating in SMTM6, will be coming to London this July! Woo Won Jae placed as a 2nd runner up in the competition, and later joined AOMG in October 2017. Since joining AOMG he has had the opportunity to collaborate with Gray and Loco (who will also be attending the London concert this July) for the song ‘We Are’. The track peaked at No.1 in the Korean charts!


With the summertime coming, here are a few recommendations of summer jams you must check out! From Gray’s ‘Summer Night (Remix)’ featuring Hoody, to Jay Park’s ‘My Last’ featuring Loco and Gray! Last but not least, Jay Park’s Drive featuring Gray! If you know about Jay Park’s self-made subtitles, you’ll have a great time reading them throughout the ‘Drive’ MV! These upbeat tracks will provide some colour to your playlist. Whilst they are chill enough to appreciate the summer vibes, they will help lighten up your mood as you listen! Check them out below!



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