If you love historical K-dramas, you may already be aware of the Korean Folk Village, a commonly-used filming location site in Gyeonggi province.

It’s a must-go for drama fans year round, but every spring they hold a special festival focusing on the Joseon period of history, which was 1392-1897. The Welcome to Joseon festival is on until June 24th, and features a massive range of themed events and performances to enjoy. The location has over 270 houses built in Joseon style so it’s a massive walk back through time.

Actors wandering around the Korean Folk Village will performer character pieces and give an authentic feel to the location. There are also special shops like a Joseon-era pub, plus lots of hands-on activities like nametag making, wearing period costumes, and contests that visitors are welcome to join. Check the official website for more information on daily events.

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K-dramas filmed at the Korean Folk Village location include My Love from the Star, The Moon Embracing the Sun, and Daejanggeum. The village has been used as a drama location since 1983. See more of what the place is like here.


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