For this week’s fan talent, we are going to focus on a youtuber called Janny. If you have not heard of her before, where have you been? She is a talented girl on YouTube who does English (and Korean every now and then) covers of K-Pop Idols.

Her YouTube channel has over 15m views and 140k subscribers. She is from America and don’t not know how to speak Korean. JANNY has an amazing voice despite that she has never had taken any singing lessons. Her covers are always amazing. Her transitions from Korean to English is as close as she can get them to the original songs.

Here’s are some of her covers:

Here’s her English cover of Blackpink as if it your last:

She is a hidden KARD Fan and this is a cover of the KARD Song Push and Pull:

Please subscribe and follow her channel where you be notified when his uploads new videos.

Also, she has her own personal social media account:



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