So, this post will be a very box-y one! Hold onto your hats, as we’re about to explain the Korean writing system, Hangeul.

First, let’s cover the vowels. They come in a variety of forms, and the pronunciation is emphasised in bold in an English word with a similar sound:

  • a [father] ㅏ
  • ya [yacht] ㅑ
  • eo [young] ㅓ
  • eo [young] ㅕ
  • o [yolk] ㅗ
  • yo [yolk] ㅛ
  • u [you] ㅜ
  • yu [you] ㅠ
  • eu [hood] ㅡ
  • i [lip] ㅣ
  • ae [play] ㅐ
  • yae [yay] ㅒ
  • e [yet] ㅔ
  • ye [yet] ㅖ

Now, top these off with combination sounds!

  • wa [want] ㅘ
  • wae [way] ㅙ
  • oe [wait] ㅚ
  • ui [oui – the French word!] ㅚ
  • wo [wonder] ㅝ
  • we [web] ㅞ
  • wi [will] ㅟ



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