Ready or not, the countdown has begun. BTS are coming back with their full-length album; “Love Yourself: Tear” and they are already hyping up for a massive year ahead including a World Tour in the United Kingdom. For all the information you need for their London concerts, make sure to check out our 411 article and keep your eye out on social media for any further updates. However, this time for MV Breakdown, we are looking at the very start of a long road of teasers ahead. With every comeback, we have received a slew of Intro tracks to keep us on edge; from the seven solo tracks of “WINGS” to Jimin’s “Serendipity” in the previous comeback. This time, not only are we treated to the Theme Song; “Euphoria” (performed by Jungkook) but we now also have the official comeback trailer named as “Singularity”.

Performed by V, the video has already leapt to over 17 million views since its release on the 6th May and it appears to a much slower paced track in comparison to “Serendipity” and “Euphoria”. In fact, it seems to be a slow continuation which seems perfect for the progression of their Love Yourself era. If you glance over some of the locations of the video, it does appear to be the same locations as the “DNA” video. Only this time around, instead of the bright galactic colours, it is more run down and cool toned. Instead of the unity and love of “DNA”, we are met with a more isolated landscape, showing how Singularity can be adapted as being alone in the universe.

The anguish appearing seems to be from a broken relationship; mainly shown through V’s clever use of choreography with a clothes mannequin. Looking closer, you can see that he is in fact recreating the relationship with his own arm acting as his loved one, trying to keep him close but his strained emotions push him away; possibly from the different sides he attempts to show. He seems to create his own reality in a dim, rose decorated room which slowly dulls and melt away to show the singular side that renders him alone. The different sides also appear in the form of masks, which appear around him frequently as he dances but again, they only seem to drift around him and shield him away as he takes one mask of his own. However, the facade doesn’t seem to be enough as he cries a dark tear behind the mask – perfectly fitting for the album name. Despite how he acts outside, he always seems to push away from the reality he creates and it always results in his own Singularity.

What is quite interesting as always is the other themes that fall into place. Of course, our own brief breakdown can only scratch the surface but with each week, we always love to see other theories and ARMY never let us down as it seems that one theory has already been confirmed; linked to the flower which has been shown since the start of the Love Yourself era. Some may remember that the outline of a flower appeared to be the digital album art for the last album, “Her” and also similar flowers were seen in a photograph Jin took for social media. That flower is known as the Smeraldo, translated as Emerald in Italian. Already, it seems to hold a special meaning for BTS and ARMY as it was discovered on June 12, 2013; the date of the official debut of “No More Dream”. Despite the flower being discovered, it does seem that Smeraldo is not really a real species of bloom but it is in fact said that they are created simply when white flowers are spray painted blue, which brings perfect meaning to the definition behind the flower; “the truth I couldn’t tell.”

Throughout the video, V is seen to be holding a singular Smeraldo flower out of the several roses that is surrounded by and also keeping it in his possession among the masks. The flower can represent the true V that can hind behind the masks as he paints over his pain in the same way that the flowers can be masked. Overall, the theory seems to stem back to the Love Yourself mantra carried over from the last album. The flower is the main standpoint within every piece of imagery as if the true side of V is to be shown; possibly in the same way as the group are encouraging fans to be in the real world and to shed the mask and paint in order to break away from the dreams we weave and embrace who we are without hesitation or judgement.

Unfortunately, that is all we have to go on in the meantime. There is still a lot more to go but if “Singularity” is anything to go by, we are in for a comeback to remember when BTS make their official return with “Love Yourself: Tear”, due to be released on May 18th.


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