Last week we featured f(x) Luna, and this time it’s her bandmate Amber. She’s just released her first mixtape Rogue Rogue, and 6 stunning MVs to boot over the past two weeks. Have you seen them all yet? Get Over It is the newest MV released just two days ago.

Amber Liu is without a doubt one of the coolest female singers out there. Her androgynous sound and style proves that you don’t have to fit a particular mould to be a successful female K-pop idol. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll also get a sense she’s living the idol life by her own rules- making music, sure, but also helping people in the community, playing with her cute dog JackJack and having fun with her friends in both the US and Korea.

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Born in America, Amber has been making a music career in Korea since SM signed her up at a global audition. She debuted with f(x) in 2009, and as a solo artist in February 2015 with the EP Beautiful. She’s done collabs with many other singers, including Yuri from Girls’ Generation, Henry, and Superfruit.

Even while f(x) have been quiet of late, Amber has been busy composing tracks, writing lyrics about issues close to her heart, and using her social media accounts to both connect with fans and stick it firmly to the haters. Check out her fantastic YouTube channel and Instagram.

Rogue Rogue is now available to download free on Amber’s Soundcloud.

More Rogue Rogue MVs
Three Million Years


High Hopes

Closed Doors

Right Now


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