N.Flying want to know How R U Today? as they presented their comeback MV and updated group style earlier today.

At a press showcase, the boys talked about how fans led their new concept. Kim Jaehyun said: “N.Flying’s concept this time is ‘sentimental’ and ‘sexy.’ We surveyed fans at our concert and asked what kind of concept they wanted, and they wanted something sentimental and sexy. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this album was made with fans.”

Cha Hun also talked about the members’ diet. “Our members all lost at least 4 kilograms each. We voluntarily lost weight to look sharp for the sexy concept.”

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N.Flying debuted in Korea in 2015, but actually made an earlier Japanese debut of 2013. The members are Lee Seunghyub (leader), Kwon Kwangjin, Cha Hun, Kim Jaehyun and Yoo Hweseung. Yoo Hweseung joined the band in 2017 after he appeared on last year’s Produce 101. The boys are signed with FNC Entertainment and today released their 4th Korean EP, How Are You?

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