Jeju Island is a famous getaway spot for many reasons. It has beautiful beaches, blue sea views and of course, this new annual beer festival. Jjan Festival is still in its infancy – the first one was last summer – but with a pretty setting like this, it’s sure to be a continued success.

This year’s event runs from 20 July to 22 July, so you’ve got some time to plan a visit to the island if you’re already heading to Korea any time soon. Craft beer, food stalls and live music await. You need to buy drink tickets upfront to sample the drinks, and tickets start from 6,000 KRW but there is an early bird discount of 10% if you buy them before July 15th.

Note that due to drinking laws in Korea, you must be at least 19 years old to partake in the booze. Best make sure you’re carrying ID at all times just in case.

The official website is here, but it’s in Korean only. The KTO website offers more info in English on how to get there from the airport. Cheers!


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