Here at UnitedKpop, we are excited with the news of 24K returning to Europe in August with four cities already announced in an ever-growing list of cities. If you have missed any of the updates, click here and also keep your eye out for more information on their “Still With 24U” European Tour. However, to celebrate their upcoming visit, we are looking into their current comeback; “Bonnie N Clyde”; their first promotions with new member, Kiyong – who joined after the news of Kisoo’s enlistment.

In true 24K style, the group are taking on what appears to be a concept reminiscent to the Fast & Furious series, with the hint of the title track’s namesake. A handful of the 24K members are pitted against each other in a street race with the video’s own Bonnie acting as the flag girl who starts the race. As always, 24K always take an equal split of time to show concept and their performance which is only more embellished with flashy cars, dimly lit garages and neon lights.

However, you may be wondering if there is any little hints of the wild chemistry that the two infamous criminals had. Well, you may be surprised that the Clydes of 24K are in fact being split apart by the one female lead. The group are seen bonding together in what appears to be a workshop for the cars through card tricks or playing on the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, the femme fatale in the video may have a more cunning motive. At the start of the race, it appears as if she is flirting with one or possibly two of the members who is participating which only begins to stir rivalry within the team. The group does seem to have friendly games with dice, cards and video games but they soon escalate from pitting against each other with larger toys – two separate supercars which race together as the female lead struts away from the racetrack.

In comparison with some of their previous videos; i.e “Still 24K” & “Bingo”, this track isn’t as laden with wild story lines and gritty chemistry as expected. This is possibly because the directors wanted to focus on more of the electric hip-hop concept that the group is known for with a sprinkle of eye candy to match the title track. However, you can’t help but admire the pure energy and hype which pulses through every second and is easily carried through to their comeback stages and also their upcoming concerts in Europe. Lucky 24Us will certainly be in for a treat when this track drops on stage in August. If you have not listened to “Bonnie N Clyde” or their full album yet, check out the highlight medley for a taste of their other tracks including Kisoo’s parting solo track and purchase the mini-album on iTunes.


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