Boy band 24K have made a welcome return to Korean music shows this week, promoting their new song Bonnie N Clyde. See the vid below and check out our review of it right here.

The boys first debuted back in 2012, but if you’re thinking you haven’t seen much of them on Music Bank and the likes, there’s a reason: 24K and their manager were on a entertainment blacklist held by former president Park Geun-hye, banning them from getting government support or media coverage during the last few years. Since president Moon Jae-in swore in last year, the blacklisted entertainers have been able to return to the airwaves. Why were the boys on the blacklist? It’s likely because they showed support for Moon Jae-in when he was running against Park Geun-hye a few years ago. While many actors and other celebs were on the list too, they were the only K-pop group on the there. So welcome back to the Korean mainstream, boys!

The seven members of 24K are Cory (leader), Kisu, Jeonguk, Changsun, Jinhong, Hongseob and Kiyong. Only six of them are promoting Bonnie N Clyde though, as Kisu is doing his military service.

24K have spent a lot of time touring the world in the last few years, and as we reported earlier this month, they’re coming to London in August. Keep an eye on UKP for more concert info, and hook up with the guys at their official accounts on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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