After the song-packed year of 2017, Day6 are coming back with another addicting mini-album and title track; “Shoot Me” which is revealed to be the first part of the “Youth” series. The song is another perfect addition to the group’s discography; bringing hard punk-rock vibes and catchy chants to give extra attitude. However, what is quite interesting is the music video itself which is embellished with bright colours, high energy performances and just the right amount of drama.

What is important to bear in mind is that Day6 is a band first, not an Idol group. It is normal for the video to be mainly focused on their performance as the camera flickers to each member rocking out. Usually, story and acting can be placed in the background with fierce backdrops and exciting effects – i.e the confetti and paint explosions at the end of this video. In fact, looking back at their EveryDay6 project, the group was mainly playing while the direction and editing did most of the world. However, don’t expect this group to just rely on it alone. We know that they can pull out a good mini-storyline in their production with the example of their debut, “Congratulations.”

Coinciding with their lyrics, the music video falls along the tagline of “Vicious Words Hurt Like A Bullet” and of course, the video would perfectly fit along those lines of what could be a venomous relationship; where the receiver of these hurtful comments is so used to it that they let it happen, as if it is just the norm to get hurt. Of course, the group takes full advantage of their powerful vocals to give their performance a rough attitude it needs but what is intriguing is the story between the male and female lead. The actor seems to be silent and helpless when his ice cold girlfriend forms her hand to a gun gesture and shoots the air towards him. However, this is more than a threat. Suddenly, he is shot multiple time and she shows very little remorse. The shots in his heart seem to represent the vicious words carried along the entire promotion for the track, which carries all the more pain. It only seems to escalate when the public around them get involved. However, instead of rushing to help, they all line up behind the actress and begin to ‘shoot’ too, sending a barrage of pain to him.

What makes this intriguing is that it perfectly shows the track’s tag line in two various ways. When expressing hate in public, it is always advised to be cautious with words as it can cause many effects; either in the form of cyberbullying, harassment or defamation. In fact, the list is continuous and the effect can be horrendous to the recipient as the words can cause more mental hurt; which linger more than a simple bullet wound. The pain can be even worse when it is spoken by someone you love who does not carry the same love and in fact, ridicules and faults at every turn. In this case, the girl shows very little emotion or concern that the one who loves her is defenceless which is where it can hurt the most. If that person who speaks such words is a parent, a sibling or even a spouse or partner, you are much less inclined to speak out as the love you feel will keep overpowering the need to escape such hatred which soon spirals into continuous emotional pain. Luckily, our lead gathers the strength and soon shoots back, unloading every ounce of rage and pain back onto its source, who sits in shock as the person she has abused finally stands up. The cafe customers rush to safety in a panic, hiding from the outcome of their involvement but after letting the anger out at last, the actor seems to be at peace and tearfully stares his love down as if to show the result of her vicious words.

Overall, Day6 has came out with another fierce track with hard-hitting video to match. Bear in mind, this Music Video Breakdown does take its imagery into deeper meanings which can still be a sensitive subject. Emotional harassment and abuse in any way shape or form should never be tolerated and the response from fans alike have been positive towards this representation; from embracing both the song & video’s message along with empowering their fellow fans to never accept such behaviour. Although, it is a very small section of the production itself, it is just powerful enough to rest in the minds of others and with the power of such a catchy song such as “Shoot Me” behind it, it may be another video held near and dear to MyDay new and old. If you haven’t checked out the full album yet from Day6; “Shoot Me: Youth Part 1” is now available to purchase and stream on iTunes and Spotify.

If you have been affected by the topics raised in this article, there are details of organisations who can offer advice and support through the following websites; & the Mental Health Foundation.


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