When you think of South Korea, what comes to mind? A particular K-Pop group? A delicious Korean dish, perhaps? Probably not drag queens…right?

i-D, a British news outlet and subsidiary of Vice, interviewed seven South Korean drag queens about their thoughts of their work and identity.

In a culture that still conservative, it is interesting to see how these drag queens go about following their passions and expressing themselves through drag. Some live a double-life of sorts, while others push forward unabashedly and embrace their drag 24/7. Either way, misunderstandings still abound.

Those interviewed are: Nana, Kuciia Diamant, MoreErica Balenciaga, Vita Mikju, Bori and KYAM.

The article includes photographs of the queens taken by Kanghyuk Lee (also known as Snakepool).

I see my drag character as hope. Five years ago, queer culture festivals in Korea were receiving a lot of attention from the public, for better or worse. It was during that time I debuted, and by participating in human rights rallies as well performing at clubs, I think I became a drag queen that gives hope to others. I still work hard to embrace other people’s feelings with my drag character. On the outside, I want my character to shine just like my name Diamant (Diamond).

– Kuciia Diamant

You can read the full article here.

As it was originally published by i-D Mexico, you can also read it in Spanish.



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