Red Velvet has returned with their traditional releasing of a summer mini album – “Summer Magic”, showcasing a more feminine and happy style than the cold and bad girl themes of their previous ventures of “Peek-a-Boo” and “Bad Boy”. Despite this, the group has included an English version of “Bad Boy” as a bonus track, marking their first venture into the western market that was showcased at KCON NY earlier this year.

Although, the title track is “Power Up”, the song of the week goes to the incredible B-side “Hit That Drum”!

Already kicking off with a fresh jungle beat that reels you in, “Hit That Drum”, the chorus brings an electronic spin on things, that is very lightly reminiscent of the Clubland scene. The lyrics tell how the girls’ love interest is making their heart pound intensely, eliciting feelings of excitement and themselves now wanting to dance to this moment.

What is your favourite track from Red Velvet’s new vibrant release?


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