Do any of you remember the group, MBLAQ? The group debuted in 9 years ago in 2009, debuting under the J Tune Camp. The company, a subsidiary of J.Tune Entertainment was founded by the notable, Bi Rain. However, the company since then has dissolved. G.O is the main vocalist of the group. He currently is 1 of the 3 remaining members of the group, after 2 members left.

The group is best known for its hit releases such as Smoky Girl, Mona Lisa, Cry and Stay. They have successfully won a number of awards from 2010-2013. One of their most successful title tracks is This is War. The track placed first for 2 consecutive weeks on M! Countdown in 2012. The track is a melodramatic yet powerful track, with its very own plotline in the MV. Check it out below:

Additionally, in 2011, G.O released his first solo track known as Even In My Dreams. The track features his fellow co-member, Mir. Following the release, the track earned many headlines due to it being personally written and composed by G.O himself. Unfortunately, the track was not promoted on music programs due to the matter of fact MBLAQ was preparing for their comeback at the time. By 2013, he released his second solo track, Play That Track, produced by the renowned pianist, Yiruma along with 2FACE. Below is a snippet of the track.

However, in December 2014, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Thunder left the group. This led to MBLAQ returning as a 3-member group, releasing their title track, Mirror in June 2015. Unfortunately, the remainder of the group faced criticism of the media particularly after the 2 members’ departure. Mirror is a song about a lover who betrayed them and left.

In 2016, G.O entered the military. Following his release from military service, G.O debuted as a professional online streamer. He has ventured onto the Korean streaming platform, Afreeca TV to host his streams. Before he entered the military he had already expressed his opinions regarding the music industry in which following his service, he may not be promoting as a singer. You can check out his streams via his Afreeca TV channel here. As of current, G.O‘s live streams consist of singing covers, gaming and interacting with fans.

Luckily for non-Korean fans, he has also listed his streams on his YouTube channel with English subs! The YouTube channel is a collaboration between him and his girlfriend, Choi Ye-Seul. Some of you may recognise her from the likes of the Korean drama, Angry Mom! G.O first introduced his girlfriend in a White Day broadcast on his channel on the 14th of March 2018. The channel has since expanded to include vlogs, mukbangs and more! Already, the channel has accumulated over 170K subscribers and over 24 million views. For more details on their channel, you can subscribe here.

In July 2018, G.O released his very own personal channel. The channel so far consists of song covers including the likes of BTS, iKON and Charlie Puth! Currently, it has 17K+ subscribers and nearly 300,000 views. You can subscribe to his personal channel here. His most popular cover as of recent is his cover of BTS’ Fake Love. Funnily enough, G.O’s girlfriend, Choi Ye-Seul, expressed that her ideal type is BTS’ V!

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