After “escaping the era” with their last release ‘You and I’, Dreamcatcher have made their long-awaited return with a new mini-album entitled ‘Alone in the City.’ Despite the title, they are far from alone. Now joined by their officially named fans, InSomnia, Dreamcatcher keeps going from strength to strength.

When Happyface Entertainment announced that their latest comeback would be a little different to their last, fans were understandably worried. Dreamcatcher has come as far as they have in just under two years due to their unique sound and concept. A girl group inspired by heavy rock and horror, they break from the usual girl crush or sexy to cute spectrum that a lot of girl groups get placed in.

It’s a space that most of the members originally debuted in. Before Dreamcatcher, Happyface debuted the girls as Minx, consisting of members JiU, SuA, Dami, Siyeon and  Yoohyeon. Their string of songs fell into the bright end of the spectrum, and eventually got lost in the sea of girl groups all vying for the same ideas. Re-debuting in 2017 with new members Handong and Gahyeon was their attempt to set themselves apart.

So were the fears that a change of concept that might see them go back to their style as Minx justifiable? Definitely. Were they proved to be true? Thankfully, not at all.

‘What’ is different from the group’s previous releases. The sound is a little less anime soundtrack, falling on a more k-rock sound. Gone is the mystic, horror-themed wardrobe to go along with their performances. But it keeps all the things that have given Dreamcatcher such appeal. It’s fast-paced, unapologetic, and strong in before performance and concept. Take a look at our MV breakdown to see how the girls really pull this off.

The girls gained more attention after their participation in YG’s survival show Mix Nine. Their popularity was undeniable on the rankings, but it was soon announced that they would be withdrawing from the show to focus on their promotions as a group. This proved to be the right decision. Over the past year, Dreamcatcher has toured all over the world for their ‘Fly High’ tour which included several stops around Europe. They are the first k-pop girl group to do this and it may not have happened had they continued to appear on Mix Nine Later this year, they’ll be hitting cities in Latin America too on their ‘Welcome to the Dream World in Latin America’ tour.

Their international fame has proved key to Dreamcatcher’s success. Hopefully, this will become the same in Korea. Though they are yet to place first on any music shows, they have sold out their first two fan meetings and have ranked high on both Korean music charts and Billboard.

For their first anniversary last year, Dreamcatcher released the song ‘Full Moon’ which continued the story they began with their first single ‘Chase Me. As they move closer to their second anniversary, now is a great time to look back over all they’ve achieved so far, and to anticipate where they’re heading to next!


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