WJSN (Cosmic Girls) returned with one of their most popular tracks to date; so much so that it earned them their first win since debut. The whimsical “Save Me Save You” seems to be a continuation of their Dream saga but the line up has changed slightly with their Chinese members absent during the promotions – Cheng Xiao filming for her acting debut and both Mei Qi and Xian Yi promoting in Rocket Girls after Produce 101 China.

“Dreams Come True” may have been their story when they were in civilisation but “Save Me Save You” may be the origin story of the “Dream Carriers”. The girls act as fledgling witches, learning to create, collect and also sabotage dreams if required. During class, they are seen reading their own individual spell books, ancient relics and sometimes skipping classes to discover the world around them.

However, being the only students in the class, it does seem to take its toll as the curiosity leads them to trouble and heartbreak. When watching the video for the first time, there is a small element of certain animes such as Little Witch Academia and even Strawberry Panic. When searching the latter show, it is a strange statement to make as Strawberry Panic is a “Girls Love” anime, but when looking into it, there can be little references to this. SeolA does seem to have an emotional attachment to Bona, and does appear frequently with her in a dream world – conjured after examining crystals which may have untapped their magical ability in the ενύπνιον (dreamer) unit – those with the ability to create and become dreams.

The small hints of this theme carry over to the choreography, showcasing a more feminine and possibly sexy style to the girls & also one key move when member, Yeoreum holds her fellow member in a romantic manner. The Carriers (φορευς) – dream travellers – seem to notice the effect this has on the dreamers as they soon discover an ancient book which seems to harness powers beyond their own. One Carrier, Eunseo, seems to be consumed by her own desire to either be powerful or be the object of either SeolA or Bona’s desire. She was originally a Carrier but with her intense greed, she becomes an Imposter among the group – far beyond the power of the third group, αγυρτης.

This third group, known also as destroyer of dreams, try hard to snap their friends out of the spell carried by the crystals and the dark magic held in the book. Eunseo soon takes full advantage and becomes part of the dream herself but as they meddle with the magic, the dark forces soon take hold and their world is consumed by sadness and flames. Yeoreum – the member who discovers the book, is the first to face the consequences and soon disappears into a cloud of butterflies. Meanwhile, SeolA is traumatised by her dream burning into flames and sits on her own in the class room. She does still harness the power of the crystals, which is seen in the sparkling tear on her cheek but she soon wonder what the cost is for being a witch.

This might cleverly lead into the events of their previous album concept as they graduate from the Academy and strive to prevent the dark forces from entering the human world – possibly joined by new human witches; Cheng Xiao, Xian Yi & Mei Qi but until the three members return to the stage, we might never know what becomes of them or how the story progresses.


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