In March of this year, VAV embarked on their first Europe tour after the release of their album ‘Spotlight’. The tour was a collaboration with Young Bros, who are known for their K hip-hop nights and Kpop parties, and it went to cities like London and Cologne.

With the success of the ‘Spotlight’ tour, Young Bros have now announced that VAV will be returning to Europe for their ‘Señorita’ tour!

This tour is set to be a ‘Meet & Live’ tour which will include a meet and greet with their fans, and a live concert. They are also preparing a fan-sign event, a snap shot event and more for the tour! You can keep updated as they release more information about the tour and tickets here.

The tour is named after their most recent single ‘Señorita’ which was released this October. The single is a latin-pop song and has been very popular in Europe as it is a Korean remake of a song by German rapper Kay One. You can check out our original article on the song and its success in Europe here.

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The tour will go to some new cities this time in order to reach other fans. The dates and places are as follows:

  • 8th December – Essen, Germany
  • 9th December – Paris, France
  • 12th December – Milan, Italy
  • 14th December – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 15th December – Madrid, Spain
  • 16th December – Prague, Czech Republic
  • 19th December – Berlin, Germany
  • 20th December – Budapest, Hungary

Are you excited? Will you be attending VAV’s tour?

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