In a mood that’s fitting for the Halloween season, Monsta X are back with their new album “Are You There?” alongside promoted track “Shoot Out”. Watch the music video below and read an in-depth analysis of our Song of The Week!

Referencing zombies and what-not in the song, “Shoot Out” is a hard-hitting electronic banger that marks territory in trap and future bass. Building up like a theme you would hear in a horror film, the song immediately explodes into a fiery rhythm of rock riffs and impacting beats. Samples of gunshots are also heard whenever the song is about to break down into another form of beat.

Vocalist members Kihyun and Wonho will catch your attention with singing the titular “shoot out” hook repeatedly throughout the chorus. “Shoot Out” showcases the vocal talents of all seven members from singing to rapping, all implemented into a booming track that’s effective for a Halloween night party.

The fast paced dramatically-shot music video for “Shoot Out” begins with a flashing over-head light before the members come into view. The seven are dressed head to toe predominantly in black and puts an emphasis on the dark theme of the song and its accompanying enigmatic and dark concept. This also helps in the black and white scenes we see, which helps contrast the group from the background better and helps their choreography stand out.

Further commenting on the shots, we also solo scenes of members with a bright light shining upon them as they are surrounded in pitch black darkness, interactions with weaponry, handcuffs, barbed wire and other under-the-counter goods as they make moves while singing about the hands of fate that has been bestowed upon them.

“Shoot Out” is a catchy bop that’s ready for Monbebe to listen to and try out the dance moves for hours on end!


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