Following from Doojoon enlisting in his mandatory military service, the now currently 4-member boyband Highlight (formerly B2ST while under Cube Entertainment) has released their much anticipated extended play, Outro.

The mini-album itself consists of six tracks, including three tracks of duets, and a solo by enlisted member Doojoon. “Loved” itself is a Chainsmokers-style EDM pop song, while at the same time keeping a little distance to that of recent BTS efforts. The lyrics of the title track are an emphasis on the album’s concept that it’s probably the final release before the rest of the member enlist – hence the title “Outro”.

The album’s apparent goal is to thank fans before all the members proceed with their enlistment. Doojoon enlisted on August 24 while Yoseob is preparing to follow on January 24 as a conscripted policeman. The rest of the members have no apparent set date.

The third track caught my attention while listening. Entitled “Leave Me Alone”, it does feel incredibly nostalgic in the way its sound is very similar to old Highlight classics such as Shock and Beautiful Night while under their original name and label. It’s also one of the two duets on the album, from Junhyung and Gikwang.


An instrumental of the title track “Loved” is also featured alongside the soothing complimentary track “Take Care”. The final song is a bittersweet ending to the mini-album and also an end to this significant chapter for the group as the members begin their inevitable hiatus away from the K-Pop industry.

Highlight’s delighting and farewell-for-now album “Outro” is out now and available to purchase in two physical versions from any online K-Pop CD retailer. Be sure to support the album and anticipate the group’s return!



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