This week, UnitedKpop are embracing Highlight’s “Outro” before they step into their military enlistment. Doojoon already joined back in August so is not taking part in this comeback but the four remaining members of the past group known as B2ST; Yoseob, Kikwang, Dongwoon & Junhyung – are continuing forward for one last time before their hiatus with the tenderly named “Loved.”

With the album being called “Outro”, it is only inevitable that the group would be returning back to locations they have once were happy but now embraced in sorrow. In fact, some locations may possibly take inspiration from their past videos. They are very slight references but to a loyal fan, either in the B2UTY or LIGHT era, it is almost tender remakes.

Kikwang’s scenes see him arrive in what appears to be an abandoned den which was originally littered with lights, games and happiness; similar to the bright lights of “Plz Don’t Be Sad.” Junhyung’s scenes are very vague but burned cars and police vehicles may be similar to a past B2ST promotion, “Soom”, only this time it is set in a more modern background instead of the post-apocalyptic fog.

Other references from past Highlight videos may peek through; particularly from “Can Be Better” as the neon-lit den appeared to once be a store and the little hints of the barber shop that becomes part of Yoseob’s solo scenes. During our video research, there was original thoughts of Yoseob’s solo, “Caffiene” being a reference but a lot of the original back catalogue was owned by CUBE Entertainment during their departure and Hyunseung departing from the group; it would be more likely that they would refer more to their recent work as Highlight.

However, this over-generated theory is one perfect for loyal fans. As always, we have a glance into the story itself. It is very brief as it focuses on the melancholy and allows the fans to embrace every solo shot of their beloved members. The group are actually remembering beloved memories of their partner, which we can only guess separated from them recently. Both the members and the female cameo visit each location to relive the memories as time slowly reverses from the wreckage of the present to the beautiful past. However, it is the female that soon walks away and leaves behind the memories while the world in their loved one’s mind becomes dark, wrecked and colourless.

Overall, the video is a beautiful departure for Highlight and the best curtain call as they depart for their mandatory service. Complimenting a song which provides gratitude and love one final time, the group has made this comeback count with a track and video which shows their growth from B2ST to now but still maintaining why they became so well known and loved. Fans will most definitely be waiting patiently and will continue to love Highlight unconditionally until the day of their return.

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