Here’s some good news if you’re braving the freezing temperatures to head to Korea in January or February – you’ll be rewarded with Korea Grand Sale, one of the biggest annual events held for international tourists.

The festival promotes culture, tourism and shopping, which means companies and brands offering accommodation, transport, entertainment, beauty, health, food and more will be offering lots of benefits and discounts until the end of February. Score!

This is the tenth year of the event, and discounts are easy to find and use. Check the official website and search by brand, theme or shop to see what’s on offer. Many discount coupons can be downloaded to your phone so they’ll be scanned when you buy. Cathay Pacfific, Jeju Air, SM Duty Free, Lotte World and the Korean Folk Village are among the brands offering discounts of 10% or more on their products and services. While you’re in Korea, look out for the promotional centre in Seoul to join in fun events and win even more goodies.

Check the official website here!


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