Seventeen have once again experienced an amazing year; starting from their “Director’s Cut” repackage to their recent comeback; “Oh My!” in July. However, they have also shown their prowess in solo collaborations including Woozi’s team up with Kanto and Hoshi’s appearance in Masked Singer. Despite this, there hasn’t been a full solo member track – until now. Performance Unit member, Jun has become the first official “solo” performer in Seventeen this month with the Chinese single; “Can You Sit By My Side?”

Known as Wen Junhui, the dancer & vocalist first gained fame as a child actor in China and appeared in multiple films and television programmes before joining Pledis’ Seventeen Project and debuting with the full group in 2015.

Since then, Jun has been promoting with Seventeen both in the full group and also showing his powerful performance skills in his Unit singles; “Highlight” and “Lilili Yabbay”. However, there has rarely been a chance to shine outside of this until this year. With the performance competition show, “Chao Yin Zhan Ji” (translated to “The Collaboration”); he joined the Korean competitors including his fellow group member, The8, Pentagon’s Yanan and past Seventeen trainee & soloist Samuel. The show consisted of each contestant teaming up to perform duets but due to unfortunate circumstances, Jun performed on his own while his partner, Yanan, recovered.

This allowed the dancer to shine vocally and the Chinese audiences have soon fallen in love with the Shenzen sweetheart. Now, he is returning the favour with an early Christmas gift to Carats with the release of his special solo single.

“Can You Sit By My Side?” is now available to stream on all available platforms and for more on Jun, check out more of his performances with Seventeen and “The Collaboration” below;

“Crazy for You” (Solo Cover originally performed by Mindy Quah)

“I Understand” (Chinese version of Seventeen’s “Thanks”)

“The Last Blossom” (The Collaboration performance with Pentagon’s Yanan)

“Reflection of Desire” (The Collaboration performance)


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