BlackPink are getting more and more attention from the West!
This time, it’s Jisoo for her cover of German-Russian producer Zedd’s “Clarity”.
Radio DJ, Mike Adam, tagged Zedd on Twitter, linking the producer to Jisoo’s cover. This video is from one of BlackPink’s recent concerts. The cover is on the set list for the girl group’s first World Tour, which was recently announced to include Europe.
Although Zedd’s reply is a single emoji, it has sparked a huge reaction from BLINKs online. Fans ask Zedd to collaborate with Jisoo, either on a studio version of the track or a completely new song. This would be massive, as YG Entertainment has plans for a Western debut this year.
Would you like to see BlackPink collaborate with Zedd in the future? And are there any other artists you’d like BlackPink to collaborate with?

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