The K-Pop Cover Competition is back – and looking for new contenders!
Sheffield University’s K-Pop Dance Society will host the competition as part of Korea Day 2019. They are no stranger to the festivities, as they hosted last year’s event in The Octagon Centre. If you’ve never heard of them, then you check out their work last year.
In order to take part, participants must upload a video of a K-Pop song or dance cover on YouTube and include a link to it in their application. You must be 16 or over on the day of the competition (10th March 2019) and live in the UK.
There will be one winner for singing and another for dancing, decided by K-Pop and musical experts.
If you love K-Pop, singing and dancing, this will be a great opportunity for you!
Download the application form and email it to with the caption, ‘K-Pop Cover Competition 2019’. Hurry – the deadline is Wednesday 20th February!
We hope many get to participate!

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