It’s been well over two weeks since we parted ways with 2018 and looking back at last year’s music releases, we’ll be picking our top choices.

From hot topic groups such as BTS and BLACKPINK having two of the biggest international comebacks of 2018 to rising groups who found success like iKON, Pentagon and more!

Let us know what your top songs of 2018 is below!

18. BoA – ‘Woman’

Opening up the list is none other than one of the biggest soloists in the K-Pop industry and with a loud and proud concept of how women are often underestimated and often overshadowed in society, we couldn’t help but include it!

17. Momoland – ‘BBoom BBoom’

While it was released early on in 2018, it quickly became a favourite amongst the general public in South Korea and also spreading overseas – especially over in the Philippines!

17. GOT7 – ‘Lullaby’

This fun dance track from the JYP group isn’t one to be easily forgotten about. It’s been interesting to see their evolution from their debut days and this was in particular a great concept from the GOT7 boys!

16. – CLC – ‘Black Dress’

While they’re a underrated group in K-Pop, CLC had another great comeback following their internationally popular song ‘Hobgoblin‘! We’ll be looking forward to seeing them back at the end of this month.

15. Hwasa + Loco – ‘Don’t’

Maybe perhaps an unlikely duo, but we’re happy this collaboration brought about the birth of this relaxing track. With Hwasa’s sultry voice that’s paired up with Loco’s clean cut rap, it’s really a match made in heaven for music lovers.

14. (G)I-DLE – ‘LATATA’

One of the biggest debuts of the year, (G)I-DLE raised the bar with their debut track. There will be surely eyes drawn to them in anticipation of this year’s comeback!

13. Key – ‘Forever Yours’

Last year would have marked his 10 year anniversary as an artist, more specifically as a member of SHINee. It was a delight to have the opportunity to see Key have a solo debut!

12. Seungri – ‘1, 2, 3!’

The only active BIGBANG member of 2018 made his comeback with the title track ‘1, 2, 3‘. One of the things that we admire about Seungri is his showmanship, how he utilises his stills and always entertains his audiences.

11. Pentagon – ‘Shine’

Now looking back, it’s quite a bittersweet comeback to look at. Regardless, it’s sparked off attention for the boy group and hopefully they’ll be able to make another impactful comeback with their growing fanbase!

10. NCT 127 – ‘Simon Says’

NCT had quite the busy year in 2018, all of the subunits had comebacks and we had an abundance of songs from them. Though, while there were a handful of great tracks to choose from, we had to pick ‘Simon Says‘ which was a strong contender for this list.

9. Mino – ‘FIANCÉ’

Despite the solo debut news coming around November, close to when labelmate Jennie was promoting ‘Solo‘, Mino certainly knows how to make an impression as a solo artist! From seeing him being featured in song after song, his charisma really shines through his music.

8. J-Hope – ‘Daydream’

He was the first Korean artist to strike gold by reaching #1 on countless iTunes charts and his sunny and positive disposition shown in both his music and M/V was widely welcomed with open arms following the worldwide success of BTS.

7. TWICE – ‘What Is Love’

There was certainly no stopping these girls with their hectic schedule last year. Bright, fun and infectious energy is always something you can expect from TWICE’s music!

6. Red Velvet – ‘Bad Boy’

As a follow up to ‘Peek-A-Boo‘, the Red Velvet girls surprised fans with yet another velvet concept album. It was one of their most successful concepts to date and the ladies definitely meant business with ‘Bad Boy’.

5 – Oh!GG – ‘Lil’ Touch’

The fresh debut of the Girls’ Generation subunit earned sighs of relief from their fanbase, with the news that SNSD wouldn’t be left on hiatus for years to come until they had their comeback as one group. It’s great to see ladies decked out all classy and sophisticated and we hope to see more comebacks this year!

4. – iKON – ‘Love Scenario’

A swift 180 from their last comeback in 2017, though it proved to be a move in the right direction with ‘Love Scenario‘. It’s a classic from 2018 and an earworm track without a shadow of a doubt.

3. – BLACKPINK – ‘Ddu Du Ddu Du’

Nearly seven months in and the M/V for their track has secured an insane 600 million views. With upcoming performances for their World Tour and confirmed attendance for the US festival Coachella, the girls will have a jam-packed schedule for a good portion of the year. They’ve been pushed up on the radar for their audience worldwide, broke records and we’ll be looking forward to seeing them come to Europe for their tour too!

2. BTS – ‘Fake Love’

They crafted their way to becoming one of the highly anticipated and sought-out groups, not just in the Korean music world, but on a global scale. ‘Fake Love‘ and ‘Idol‘ blew up the charts and we’ll be interested to see how they continue to evolve in the coming year.

1. – Jonghyun – ‘Shinin”

It’s a foreign thought to know that this will be the last music release that we’ll have from Jonghyun, the musical genius that he was. We thought that it would be fitting to honour his bright memory by giving him the #1 spot on our list. Continue to sparkle and shine wherever you are now, Jonghyun.


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