It’s been a strong week for comebacks, with the end of January and the very start of February bringing us the long-awaited return of a girl group, solo ventures aplenty, and some indie standouts.

30th January was the busiest for new songs, with CLC releasing their third mini album No.1, with lead single ‘No’ marking a continuation of their girl crush concept. After it was revealed that IZ*One’s 2018 hit ‘La Vie En Rose’ was originally meant for CLC, there’s been increased interest in where they were going next. ‘No’ takes an experimental approach that pays off, a lyrical chorus contrasting well with the catchy spoken lines following. The group proves once again that they have the attitude and vocal skills to pull off such a strong song and hopefully it won’t be quite as long before they get the chance to prove so again.

Elsewhere, NeonPunch came back on the 29th with a dance inspired track titled ‘Tic Toc’ that really shines with its mix of intense EDM style beat and trendy higher vocals. It’s worth a listen if upbeat girl group songs are your thing, and even if they’re not!

Boy group AWEEK debuted on the 31st, providing us with a light-hearted, relaxed dose of pop with ‘The More I See.’ One of the members being a contestant on series 2 of Produce101, this group should hopefully a see a lot of interest. They’re certainly trying to differ from the majority of male group releases, making this song a breath of fresh air to listen to.

On that busy 30th, we also saw a release from Uk of 24K.What U Want‘ is a laid back hip hop song, showcasing Uk’s rapping skills nicely. It’s calm and catchy, and will certainly appeal to anyone that likes these slower paced songs. It’s nice to see one of the 24K members solo efforts.

Released after their fanmeeting held in the same week, concept kings VIXX offered up the emotional ballad ‘Walking’ as a special gift to fans. Written by member N, who announced his enlistment date prior to the event, this sweet song delivers a message to his members and the fans that stand by them: to keep walking together for a long time. It’s poignant and beautifully performed by all six members. Let us hope that it won’t be a long time before all six release a track together again.

Solo artist Minseo teamed up with Paul Kim to release ‘2cm.’ This song could easily be an OST from a drama, with its light beat and uplifting vibe. Both Minseo and Paul Kim’s vocals match well, giving listeners some lovely harmonisation, and there are moments where the acoustic guitar creates some nice breaks in pace.

Rothy‘s third single, ‘Blossom Flower’ fits just as well as a song that could be an OST. Released on the 30th, this soft ballad is emotional and perfectly pitched by Rothy’s sweet vocals. This is definitely one to check out if you’re in the mood for reflecting.

Lastly, but by no means the least, another solo release. Seyoung of boy group Cross Gene displayed his own vocal talent with an almost bluesy song, ‘Winter Rain’ on the 28th. The instrumentation really sets this one apart from most ballads and Seyoung’s vocals match it perfectly.

Did you have a favourite release from this week? Let us know which song and what you love about it in the comments!



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