Last time we caught up with Tiffany almost three years ago, she was on her way to making her name as a solo artist. Her solo debut in May of 2016 with ‘I Just Wanna Dance’ marked her first foray into musical territory without her fellow SNSD members, proving that was more than capable of holding her own on the solo stage. Now, “Brighter than gems” Tiffany has been ‘Born Again’ as Tiffany Young. 

Since parting ways with SM Entertainment last year, Tiffany has been hard at work creating a new persona and music to release in the US. She released her first official single titled ‘Over My Skin’ in June 2018 under her new label Transparent Arts. From then on, there’s been a steady stream of new music she’s treated fans to. The video for her first single, ‘Teach You’, even stared some familiar faces – namely Hyoyoung and Sooyoung of SNSD. For many fans, this was a sign that the remaining members were and still are supportive of Tiffany’s ventures, and a small sign that parts of the famous Soshi bond still held strong. Despite leaving SM, she consistently maintains that she is still a part of Girls’ Generation, and so far this has proved to be true.

During her time in the US, she’s been making sure that people begin to know her name. As Tiffany Young, she walked the red carpet of the American Music Awards, the first female Kpop artists to do so. She’s also given many interviews to news outlets to express just how excited she is for the new path she’s embarked upon, including iHeartRadio, who later nominated her for the Best Solo Breakout award in their iHeartRadio Music Awards. Her talks with Billboard and MTV are also worth checking out.

Her most recent EP, ‘Lips on Lips’, released soon after it’s lead single ‘Born Again.’ The style of the EP differs somewhat from her previous releases, and not only because the entirety is in English. The sound follows the laidback tone of ‘I Just Wanna Dance’, but shows glimpses of her maturity and growth as an artist, particularly as she’s had a hand in writing nearly all the songs.

Despite all these changes, she’s still the same bright, cheerful character that fans got to know her as whilst being a member of SNSD. Her famous eye smile never dims! Let’s hope that the same will happen with her career in the future, only ever growing brighter as she shines on her own and with Girls’ Generation. You can check out her official YouTube channel here for all her latest content.

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