In the midst of scandal after scandal with BIGBANG’s Seungri, YG Entertainment has managed to release new music, and no it’s BLACKPINK’s long awaited comeback for March that we were told the girls were working hard for…

Surprisingly, YG has managed to debut another female artist under his company – Anda, previously known for her bop “Touch”. The music video for which is groundbreaking in Kpop terms for its heavily sapphic scenes, pushing the boundaries upon Korea’s conservative culture and attracting a lesbian following en masse.

Her debut song under YG’s The Black Label, “What You Waiting For” is a collaboration with R.Tee, who is also signed under the same sub-company. The music video, released on March 6, had already amassed over 1.5 million views within its first day and catches Anda performing tight choreography admist a backdrop of heavily technologically themed backdrops.

Focusing on the song itself, it’s a glittery electronic smash of a track that is bound to have the listener on their feet as soon as the glitchy beat drops. Originally a supposed BLACKPINK demo, “What You Waiting For” emits a strong aggressive feel that we can hear with a lot of female YG artists. The lyrics, as evident with the title, has our queen demanding answers as time begins to run out.

Now whilst we continue to wait for more news, and as the clock ticks (and pushbacks) upon BLACKPINK’s next comeback, or for any other female artist under YG for that matter, we can sit and hold tight with what Anda and R.Tee have both graced us with.

“What Are You Waiting For”, YG? Give us more of them girly bangers!


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