BLACKPINK brings out the trumpets in their spectacular comeback for this edition of Song of the Week!

After selling out both days in the UK for their upcoming world tour in May, the four-member girlband are in the midst of releasing their hot new single and accompanying EP – “Kill This Love”.

The song was first teased on March 25 with YG Entertainment hinting that the single will be more fiercer than previous efforts by the group, while still maintaining a strong feel similar to “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

The track was co-written and produced by Teddy and Bekuh Boom (Rebecca Johnson), who have collaborated on many BLACKPINK songs in the past including “Boombayah” and “Whistle”. 24 and R.Tee also have contributed to the production of the track, with the latter having recently released a single with Anda last month.

Around half of “Kiss This Love”, especially the last thirty seconds is sung in full English, perfectly ripe for British radio airplay and the reaches of the general public. Watch out for the catchy repetition of the lyrics “gotta kill this love before it kills you too”!

Focusing on the music video, and while some looks could be considered questionable (who put braids on Lisa?!), the visuals are of course dramatically beautiful and nothing less of expectations for an artist under YG.

The clip also tends to layer out like a movie in some scenes as members Rosé and Jisoo proceed to assassinate versions of themselves who are trapped in the illusion that the relationship they’re in is idealistic.

Destined for the charts on a global scale, “Kill This Love” won’t be leaving our ears anytime soon!

Please note that the rest of BLACKPINK’s new songs will be available to stream and purchase from April 5 onwards. The physical edition is also now available to pre-order in two separate editions – black or pink.


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