Formidable Kpop group CLC are back. Returning with the single “ME,” an empowering anthem all about self-love, the seven-piece have successfully built upon January’s chart-topping EP No.1 with class and style. Co-written by member Yeeun, the song found itself appearing all over the Worldwide iTunes Charts, including here in the UK!

In terms of the track itself, it starts with Reggae-inspired melodies and silky-smooth vocals, before transitioning into a song full of tangible energy. The drop in the chorus is full of pace and buoyancy, and the anthemic chants of “Beautiful Me, Beautiful Me, Yeah” are as catchy as they are inspiring. As a result, It’s an offering full of distinctness, and is one that showcases the charisma and natural talent the group have without compromise.

Now in the midst of yet another successful year, it’s clear that the sky truly is the limit for Cube Entertainment’s primary girl group. And, at a time in which Kpop is sweeping the global music scene, songs like “NO” and “ME” have the potential to be poignant songs for those who need them, and serve as the perfect gateway for a fan who wants something a little more thought-provoking than your average release.

In summary, CLC are a sleeper pick to be one of the next groups to break into the international mainstream; and with an idiosyncratic brand of charming, genre-fusing music, there’s no doubting that they have the tools for widespread success.


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