This week’s Weekly Idol is a little closer to home than expected. Originally from Russia, Lana is making her debut as a solo artist with the track, “Take the Wheel.”

HICC Entertainment recently confirmed her solo debut which will mark another milestone in history. Lana will be the one of the first solo artists to have no Asian heritage. She will also be the first idol from Russia since the debut of Sofia Ramazanova; who was a member of the now disbanded group O My Jewel.

Also known as Svetlana Eugina, Lana is not a stranger to South Korean entertainment. Fans may recall her appearance in multiple variety shows such as “Abnormal Summit”, “Welcome, First Time in Korea?” & “Problematic Men” where she gained a lot of interest due to her beauty and her two year training experience in HICC Entertainment.

Lana is already making waves with her official debut stage for “Take The Wheel” on Show Champion but the official single and music video is due for release on the 27th June. Until then, you can follow her journey as a new Idol on her official Youtube channel which includes a vast range of beauty videos, dance covers and a glimpse behind the scenes during her training & debut.


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