TVXQ’s formidable leader released his first Korean mini-album this week, along with the smooth urban track; “Follow”. In true fashion; the song is a perfect mix of R’n’B and Electric for Yunho to own the dance and show the dance ability he is known for.

“True Colours” is listed as Yunho’s official solo debut in Korea since his TVXQ origins in 2003. However, this is not the first project from the SM Powerhouse. He has released a Japanese album, “U Know Y” and also included solos in TVXQ albums; such as “Checkmate” & “Honey Funny Bunny”.

Throughout TVXQ’s career; both as a five member unit and through the difficult process of reforming as a duo, Yunho has shown strength and talent with every performance and that certainly didn’t change when he departed for mandatory service in the military. Before enlisting, Yunho did leave one track as a parting gift named “Champagne”; which would act alongside Changmin’s “Rise As One” as the leading tracks for the special “Rise As God” album.

Cassiopeia waited patiently during their service and once Yunho completed his duties, the return was just as anticipated; hard-hitting, powerful and with an entire army of back-up dancers following behind. Of course, the second “Return of the King” was through the SM Station digital single, “DROP” which cemented for many why Yunho was so well known among both fans and idols alike.

Now fans get a full taste of Yunho’s talents and it is clear that he has pulled all the stops including pop, urban and ballads within one mini-album. Fans are also treated to two special collaborations which are “Hit Me Up” featuring Giriboy and “Swing”, the house track that is a long awaited team up with fellow SM legend and Yunho’s close friend, BoA. Overall, Cassiopeia both old and new are certainly in for a treat as this established KPop god takes to the stage as a soloist at last.

Are you excited for Yunho’s solo project? Let us know in the comments and check out the full album, “True Colours”; which is now available to purchase and steam on all available platforms.


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