One of the biggest resident girl groups in K-Pop made their comeback yesterday with their 6th mini album ‘ReVe Festival: Day 1‘. This week, we’ll be reviewing Red Velvet’s latest fun-filled title track ‘Zimzalabim‘!

The song welcomes the listener in with a soft lulls of the melody with Wendy echoing the title track almost sounded like it was a word coming straight from a Sims game before it straps you in the ride and catapults you in without warning. ‘Zimzalabim‘ holds the bright energy that Red Velvet have become associated with throughout their past comebacks. The song itself is reminiscent of going on a roller coaster with all the twists and turns included, the pacing and style is ever-changing and still remains to fit into their overall genre. It certainly was a song that took more than a handful of times to adjust to hearing but the nonsensical  chanting in the chorus can easily become infectious. Once the track rolls to a close, like when the ride is over, it makes you marvel at it and want to go again and give it a listen.

As to be expected, it’s a bright M/V throughout with a consistent carnival experience for your viewing pleasure. The video is fast paced to match the song and correlates with the roller coaster analogy that was previously mentioned above. The mantra of ‘Zimzalabim‘ comes off as being hypnotising when shown accompanied by the choreography, like it was trying to symbolise the girls casting an enchanting spell. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason, which may be often the case with Red Velvet music videos. However, the message seems to encourage the motion of just enjoying the moment, to truly experience life in the moment and to really take the moments to ‘smell the roses’ or in this case, ride roller coasters if that your cup of tea.

What are your thoughts on Red Velvet’s newest instalment?


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