Almost three years since her album A New Empire was released, Ailee is back with the LP ButterFLY. The diva herself gives us 10 songs differentiating from R&B beats to EDM club songs, as well as some sought after collaborations.

Ailee kicks off the album with the song Midnight.The vocalist shows us that she hasn’t lost her famous powerhouse vocals, complimented by a twinkling accompaniment. The disco-inspired song, Want It follows. The powerful beats pushing the punchy notes, portraying the vocalists inner 90’s diva.

Headlock takes that vibe, bringing the harmonies to an almost reminiscent late 90’s early 2000’s girl group feel. The R&B song gives us an interesting ride, one that is a definite hype song for any audience.

The title track Roomshaker is next. This particular title track seems different from what we’ve heard from the power vocalist before, a stride away from earlier songs like Heaven and I Will Show You, but not a far cry from the track Home, following the theme of the R&B tones.

LOVE is the track that follows, toning down the album and giving the audience a love song fit for easy listening. This love song feature EXO’s power vocal Chen. The jazz like song is very different from the previous tracks and brings a welcomed difference in the album. The two vocalists’ voices sound very nice together in the harmonies, making me hope for another collaboration in the future to showcase this more.

Nothing At All is your classic sad song, something to bring the angst for the album. You Are Precious Because of Who Your Are sounds like a song you would hear in a coffee shop, another easy listening track. Fire continues on with the R&B in the album, this song is reminiscent of the sounds you would hear in songs coming out of the west, though also reminds me of KARD’S Ride On The Wind, having that modern summer anthem feel to it.


Ain’t That Pretty is a personal favourite from the album. The song itself builds slowly to a club like anthem, though Ailee’s lyrics tells us that she may not be perfect but she likes her natural beauty, getting rid of what is heavy on her and becoming free.

‘I know I’m not a perfect woman

I like my natural beauty

I’m going to tell you my stories

Without hiding anything

I took off the baggage that has crushed me

I’ll fly freely, now look at me closely

Can’t you see?’

The last track Heartcrusher, is featuring DJ Koo and Undaunted. This track finishes off the album with an EDM sound, which seems to be a current trend in music. This final track finishes the album up nicely, rounding off a track list which seems to easily compliment each other.

The album itself seems like it is a staple for the summer. Filled with party anthems, powerhouse vocals, as well as some songs to fall in love to, whether it is with yourself or someone else. Highly recommended for fans of Ailee as well as for anyone looking for new R&B tracks for the summer.


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