Kim Woosung has recently announced that he will debuting as a solo artist – taking a step away from the trademark rock sound from his group, The Rose.

Also known by his English name, Sammy; Woosung debuted with The Rose on August 3, 2017 with their first mainstream track, “Sorry” after years of performing as buskers and Youtube cover artists. Since their debut, their first single has gathered over ten million views and attention around the world. In the year that followed, the group got the opportunity to tour across Europe, including London – which was covered by the UnitedKpop team last year.

In recent months, Woosung has participated with his fellow members in the JTBC music show, “Super Band” which featured a band music competition. During the program, he was the front-man of the team, Mone who ultimately finished forth in the entire competition. However, his time on the show brought a long list of bona-fide covers including DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean” and the UK’s very own Harry Styles’ song; “Sign of The Times”.

Now, as a lone wolf solo artist, Woosung is turning feral for this upcoming debut, confirming the details of his mini-album, “Wolf” which will feature the title track, “Face”, its instrumental track and three accompanying tracks. Are you ready for The Rose’s front-man to prowl onto the scene? Let us know in the comments and look forward to the release of “Wolf” on July 25th.


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