On the 25th July, The Rose’s leader and lead vocalist, Woosung, released his mini-album titled “WOLF” following his success on the competition program, Superband.

The concept photos released for Woosung’s solo debut reflects the songs on this mini-album – a contrast of whimsical shots with the moon and darker photos to embody the wolf.

The song “Wolf” starts with unease and the sounds of howling. Despite the beginnings of an acoustic sound, there is a sense of foreboding as the melody spirals down until it reaches the chorus and Woosung growls “wolf”.

While “Wolf” sets a darker tone, the rest of the mini-album are gentler in sound. “Moon” starts with the soft plucking of a guitar and Woosung’s isolated voice before building towards the chorus, showcasing Woosung’s distinct vocal colour. “Moon” seem to follow a lover’s tantrum from the calming notes at the beginning to the upset and accusatory chorus. At some point, Woosung curses at the subject of the song. Despite some questionable English lyrics, “Moon” is one of those songs where the seemingly chill beat of the track contrasts with its subject matter.


Woosung’s silky voice truly shines in “Face” alongside the addictive bass riff throughout the song. Playful and teasing, “Face” is the only song with a music video.

lonely” takes a more melancholic tone in contrast to the previously aggressive “Wolf”, the calm irritation of “Moon” and the mischievousness of “Face”. The piano instrumental fits well with the topic of loneliness and the guilty lyrics “maybe it’s my fault”.

What do you think of Woosung’s solo debut?


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