Winner’s captivating vocalist, Kim Jinwoo is back with his official solo venture. Teaming up with fellow band-mate, Mino; “Call Anytime” is a witty pop track which oozes the charisma that Jinwoo is known for. The album, “Jinu’s Heyday” will mark his first solo project since his debut five years ago.

As many fans may remember, Jinwoo started his journey in YG Entertainment as a member of Team A; the winning group of the survival show, “WIN: Who Is Next”. This group would soon evolve into Winner and cement their place as “Monster Rookies” in 2014. All ten of the tracks on Winner’s debut album with dominate the MelOn Top 10 upon release with the title track, “Empty” storming the top of every South Korean chart.

Jinwoo’s solo activities have mainly been based on performance; becoming the first Idol to performing in a contemporary dance performance in South Korea; starring in “The Little Prince” in 2016. Alongside this, he is also no stranger to other YG project, specifically YG Stage alongside Japanese actor, Yamato Kohta.

Now, adapting the album’s namesake of JINU, Jinwoo is stepping forward as the third solo artist from Winner and is set to release the physical album on the 19th August. Until then, Inner Circle can celebrate as the full music video is now available to stream on Winner’s official Youtube page.

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