We are aware of the statement made by Oli London that mentions UnitedKpop.

Whilst we acknowledge that we posted an article that discussed problematic issues surrounding him, the article itself was well-researched and included conversations with those targeted by the discriminatory words he is believed to have said. All examples used are from reliable sources and, at present, we have no reason to believe that any evidence we have gathered to be false. Neither has he provided anything to refute this evidence.

We consider the following statement defamatory:

“I have had nasty journalists from UnitedKpop, which is a disgusting kpop site. You know, they’re not real journalists – they have very low IQs, they don’t know how to write, their articles aren’t even written in the correct manner, their grammar is wrong. They’re not real journalists.”

UnitedKpop is formed of a group of creatives, with its leading members either working in or studying in fields related to copywriting, English, journalism and publishing.

We consider ourselves to be a platform that allows contributors to grow and learn. Although we do admit that there may be occasional mistakes in our publication – just as there may be mistakes in any publications – we are aware that each and every one of us is human, and we will own up to our mistakes, just as we have done in the past. We are also open to discussion around various topics to deepen both our and our readers’ understandings of them.

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We make no money from our website, with every team member volunteering to contribute. For this reason, we self-edit and try our best to get well-researched, evidence-based content out to our readers. Our readers have always been at the heart of our publication and they always will be.

In the past, UnitedKpop is one of the only publications, to our knowledge, to offer this individual the benefit of the doubt, interviewing him and allowing him to show a deeper side to him (as said by the individual). Since then, he has given our team members little reason to continue that benefit of the doubt. With regret, we have chosen not to support his future endeavours.

We do not endorse bullying or defamation. UnitedKpop has long been a platform that vocalises the underappreciated and the disenfranchised.


Lore Walsh

Owner & Creative Director, UnitedKpop.


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